The Victorian School
King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon


Staff and pupils, c1890

"We had to wait in the street until the headmaster came with the keys from the School House"

Listen to Peter Morgan recalling his time as a pupil at the school in the 1880s

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Mr & Mrs Laffan
Mr & Mrs Laffan
For ten years from 1885 to 1895 headmaster Robert Laffan oversaw the development of the school and his wife continued to write the popular novels she was well-known for under the pen-name Mrs Leith Adams

Today school pupils in England and Wales sit numerous examinations, both in the pursuit of qualifications and as a means of measuring general standards. But how were schoolboys examined in the nineteenth-century?
A former headmaster explains all in an extract from "The Story of Shakespeare's School 1853-1953"
The annual examination


"This I believe to be the source of a certain
reputation for roughness which the boys
have acquired in the

Find out what the schools inspector
thought was the cause of the boys'
poor behaviour from Mr Green's
of 1867


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