King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon 1853-1997


Peter Morgan was a pupil of King Edward VI School between 1888 and 1890, and in 1976 - aged 98 - he recorded his memories of school life at the end of the nineteenth century.

Listen to clips from the recording in the Victorian School gallery.


The annual examination in the nineteenth-century school was conducted by an external examiner who produced a report for the governors


"This I believe to be the source of a certain reputation for roughness which the boys have acquired in the neighbourhood"
Find out what the schools inspector thought was the cause of the boys' poor behaviour from Mr Green's report of 1867


A history of the boarding side of the school from 1875-1936


The ten years that Robert Laffan was headmaster at Stratford, from 1885 to 1895, was a period of great development for the school


Helen C Black's interview of Mrs Laffan for the Ladies Pictorial periodical of 1893


The prosperity enjoyed by the school at the end of the Victorian period could not be taken for granted. During the early years of the twentieth-century much depended upon the personality of the headmaster in office, together with other practical considerations.

View the Edwardian Era gallery covering the years 1902 to 1914


KES Old Boys - turbulent beginnings, a history of the early years of the School's old boys association 1901-1919, by Richard Mallison


Edgar Cranmer, who lived to his hundredth year, recalls his schooldays, 1904-1908


Bill Norman's memories of his time as a pupil at the school between 1912-1916 include the punishments sometimes used


Gerald Jaggard recalls the staff he knew at the school during his time as a pupil, 1913-1920


Boys from all over the country were boarded at the school in the inter-war period. There was also an associated preparatory department which catered for boys too young to enter the main school.

The Boarding School gallery 1914-1945


Memories of a boarder, 1925-1934, by Joe Stephens


Denis Dyson, the master who came for a month and stayed for half a century, recalls the years 1926-1975


The life of a boarder at the school could involve enduring sometimes spartan conditions as Brian Walker recalls in Memories of a Boarder, 1931-1939


In a description of the new Physics Lab when it was opened in 1931 Denis Dyson enthuses about its facilities


Douglas Price recalls drama at KES between 1931 and 1933


Lilian Bowen, maid and cook at School House, reveals the other side of the 1930s boarding school


Tindal Leefe, pupil in the late 1930s, recalls some of the teaching staff at the school in a series of pen-portraits


Bill Collins, pupil 1938-1946, remembers the war years at school


The Education Act of 1944 saw for the first time in England and Wales the universal provision of state secondary education, and in Stratford KES was to participate in this provision. The school evolved from a fee-paying boarding school to one which admitted local day-boys free of charge on the basis of their results in the 'eleven-plus' examination.

The Education Act gallery 1945-1963


The Education Act of 1944, a review of the effect of this legislation on post-war secondary education, by Peter Bullock


Patrick Adams, French-master 1950-1988, recalls the decade of the fifties


Graham Cooper, pupil 1953-1960, recalls his first day at school


An appreciation of Tom Barnsley, geography and PE master 1925-1960, by Denis Dyson


The 'sixties and 'seventies saw not only changes of approach at the school but also a large rebuilding programme, necessitated by a growing sixth-form and made possible during a period when finances available to education were increasing.

Changing 'sixties gallery 1963-1981


Patrick Adams' memories of KES in the 1960s include some of the changes that this decade saw for the school


In 1964 the world's attention turned to Stratford-upon-Avon in order to celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth. The school's contribution was an entertainment called Playing Day at Stratford.


In an article from a 1969 issue of Warwickshire & Worcestershire life the newly finished buildings such as the sixth-form common room and covered swimming pool illustrate the modern aspect of the ancient school


School fetes such as this one described in 1971 could be impressive occasions, combining entertaining and educational displays with sideshows and stalls


Nicholas Colloff, pupil 1974-1981, gives a pithy account of his time at the school


Neville Mellon, headmaster 1981-1997, interviewed in 1981 on his views on education and his plans for the future of the school.


In Denis Dyson remembered Tim Raistrick recalls this schoolmaster's continuing association with the school during his retirement



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