The Boarding School
King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon 1914-1945


Pupils at the Shakespeare birthday celebrations, 1920

"On Monday it was cold meat after the hot roast on a Sunday; probably stew on Tuesday; fish on a Friday"

During the inter-war period boys from all over the country boarded at the school. Read their reminscences here


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James Ferguson, the English Master

The Staff
The Assistant Master - the Geography Master - the English Master - the Physics Master
Tindall Leefe recalls some of the staff at the school in the late 1930s in a series of personal pen-portraits

School House dormitory

Maid and cook
"The boys had just two sets of clothing, day wear and then Sunday. And I expect there were three or four shirts and these stiff collars they used to have."
In a unique look at the boarding school, Lilian Bowen maid and cook at School House in the 1930s, recalls another side of school life


"A particular thrill was appearing in 'Henry IV' on the evening of the day the new Shakespeare Memorial theatre opened, on Shakespeare's Birthday"
Douglas Price recalls drama at KES in the 1930s




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