Schools during the reign of Edward VI

One of the consequencies of the Reformation in the mid-1500s and the dissolution of the monastries and the confiscation of religious guilds' property, was the effect on the teaching and schools which these bodies had formerly provided, often for many centuries previously. In the wake of the religious upheaval many of these schools were subsequently refounded by Henry VIII, or his children Edward VI, Mary or Elizabeth I.

At the time of the Stratford guild's suppression in 1547, the king's commissioners noted that the school, alone of the guild's activities, was allowed to continue. In June, 1553 the school was refounded, to be run by the newly formed town council and funded from property once owned by the abolished guild. It was the last school refounded during Edward's reign for eight days later he was dead from tuberculosis.

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The Edwardian grammar schools
A slightly dated commentary on the motivation underlying the foundation of grammar schools during Edward VI's reign. From volume 7 of the Cambridge History of English and American Literature, originally published 1907-21.